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Our Bralette Club Case Study: Targeting Niche Fashion Audiences with Google Ads

Stella Gradiana
July 10, 2024

KPI Media as a digital marketing company in Singapore takes pride in collaborating with diverse industries, including the dynamic realm of the fashion industry, to craft impactful paid advertising campaigns. One notable collaboration has been with Our Bralette Club, resulting in a remarkable achievement of over 2.5 times Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


The partnership with Our Bralette Club exemplifies KPI Media's commitment to delivering tangible and substantial results. By leveraging strategic insights, innovative approaches, and a deep understanding of the fashion landscape, KPI Media and Our Bralette Club have together achieved a ROAS that surpasses industry benchmarks.


This success not only highlights the efficacy of KPI Media's expertise but also underscores the potential for brands in the fashion industry to thrive through strategic digital marketing initiatives. The impressive ROAS attained through this collaboration serves as a testament to the power of well-crafted paid advertising campaigns in enhancing brand visibility, attracting target audiences, and ultimately contributing to the overall success of businesses in the competitive fashion market.


Disrupting a Beauty Trend, Our Bralette Club Promotes Body Positivity Through Its Brand


Our Bralette Club has emerged as a revolutionary force in the lingerie industry, challenging conventional beauty standards and promoting body positivity through its stylish and comfortable lingerie designed for various body types and sizes. Founded by Chow Li Ying in 2017, the brand's tagline, "All Bodies Are Good Bodies," encapsulates its commitment to size inclusivity and the celebration of diverse body shapes. With a focus on both comfort and design, Our Bralette Club has successfully carved a niche for itself, exclusively retailing in multiple fashion stores across Singapore. In a society dominated by idealized images on social media, Our Our Our Our Bralette Club asserts that true beauty knows no specific size or shape.


Despite the positive reception, being a niche fashion brand has posed challenges for Our Bralette Club in reaching its target audience. The brand has previously invested in paid advertising, but to ensure long-term sustainability, there is a need to explore additional distribution channels and expand its market reach. Recognizing the potential of digital marketing, Our Bralette Club collaborated with KPI Media to enhance its strategy, incorporating Google Ads to reach a broader audience and elevate its online presence.


Challenge: Finding Audience for A Niche Fashion Brand

Our Bralette Club embarked on a distinctive journey as a niche fashion brand, seeking innovative avenues to establish a meaningful connection with its audience. While paid advertising had proven effective to a certain extent, the brand encountered inherent limitations, prompting a strategic shift towards exploring new and more dynamic approaches. The consequential collaboration with KPI Media marked a transformative moment in Our Bralette Club's marketing trajectory, accentuating a purposeful focus on diversifying distribution channels and harnessing digital strategies to elevate brand visibility to unprecedented heights.


Expanding the Target Market with KPI Media

The partnership with KPI Media, particularly with the involvement of its Performance Team, played a pivotal role in not only expanding but amplifying Our Bralette Club's reach and impact in the competitive fashion landscape. This success was underpinned by a comprehensive and strategic approach that involved several key steps.


Audience Research

At the forefront of the collaborative effort was an in-depth exploration of Our Bralette Club's potential audience. The initial phase involved a meticulous process of audience research, delving into the intricacies of demographics, preferences, and behaviors of prospective customers. This foundational step was instrumental in crafting a nuanced and targeted messaging strategy that resonated effectively with the intended audience.

Understanding the diverse spectrum of potential customers allowed Our Bralette Club to tailor its communication, ensuring that every piece of content, be it an advertisement or a social media post, spoke directly to the desires and aspirations of its clientele. By embracing a customer-centric approach, Our Bralette Club endeavored to transcend the limitations imposed by a niche market, fostering a stronger sense of connection with its audience.


Google Ads Campaign Planning & Executions

The integration of Google Ads emerged as a transformative component in Our Bralette Club's digital strategy. By strategically leveraging the vast reach and targeting capabilities of Google's advertising platform, Our Bralette Club could present its diverse range of lingerie to a wider and more diverse audience. This shift allowed the brand to break free from the constraints of traditional advertising channels, reaching individuals who resonated with the brand's core values of inclusivity and body positivity.

Google Ads became a powerful tool not just for increasing brand visibility but also for communicating Our Bralette Club's commitment to celebrating diversity and challenging conventional beauty norms. The platform's dynamic and data-driven nature ensured that the brand's message reached the right people at the right time, fostering a more profound connection with its audience.


Marketing Automation for Performance Monitoring

Recognizing the significance of streamlined communication processes, Our Bralette Club implemented marketing automation as part of its strategy. This involved the creation and implementation of automated workflows that facilitated personalized interactions and targeted campaigns. The aim was to create a seamless and cohesive brand experience for each customer, from the first interaction with an advertisement to the post-purchase engagement.

Marketing automation not only enhanced operational efficiency but also allowed Our Bralette Club to maintain consistent and personalized communication with its audience at scale. By automating certain aspects of the marketing workflow, the brand could deliver tailored content, promotions, and recommendations based on individual preferences, thereby fostering a deeper sense of connection and brand loyalty.


Providing Insight & Recommendations

A crucial aspect of KPI Media's contribution was the continuous provision of valuable insights and recommendations based on thorough data analysis. This iterative process enabled Our Bralette Club to refine and optimize its strategies in real-time, ensuring that every marketing effort was aligned with the evolving dynamics of the market and the preferences of its audience.

By leveraging data-driven insights, Our Bralette Club gained a deeper understanding of what resonated with its audience, allowing the brand to make informed decisions and adjustments to its marketing approach. KPI Media's role as a strategic partner extended beyond execution, serving as a guiding force in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

In brief, Our Bralette Club's collaboration with KPI Media epitomizes the transformative potential of embracing innovative strategies in the realm of niche fashion. Through meticulous audience research, the integration of powerful tools like Google Ads, implementation of marketing automation, and a continuous focus on insights and recommendations, the brand not only expanded its target market but also established a meaningful and enduring connection with its audience. This case study serves as an inspiring testament to the efficacy of strategic collaborations and dynamic digital marketing in propelling niche fashion brands to new heights of success.


Results: >2.5X ROAS for Less Than $40 CAC

The collaboration between Our Bralette Club and KPI Media bore fruit in the form of outstanding results, firmly establishing the effectiveness of their concerted efforts. The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) surpassed expectations, exceeding 2.5 times the initial investment. This metric reflects the remarkable efficiency with which the advertising budget was utilized, translating into a substantial increase in revenue compared to the expenditure on promotional activities. Such a high ROAS indicates not only the resonance of Our Our Our Our Bralette Club's messaging with the target audience but also the adept management of the advertising strategy by KPI Media.

Equally noteworthy is the Cost of Acquisition (CAC), which remained impressively low at less than $40. The CAC is a pivotal metric that gauges the cost incurred by the brand to acquire a new customer. Keeping this metric under $40 is a testament to the cost-effectiveness of the collaboration, demonstrating that Our Bralette Club managed to attract new customers without disproportionately inflating its marketing expenses. This achievement is particularly significant in the context of the competitive fashion industry, where customer acquisition costs can often escalate rapidly.

The combined success of achieving a high ROAS and maintaining a low CAC underscores the synergy between Our Bralette Club and KPI Media. The implemented strategies not only expanded the brand's reach to a wider audience but also did so in a financially prudent manner. This dual accomplishment speaks to the strategic precision and market intelligence applied by KPI Media, ensuring that every advertising dollar spent contributed substantially to the brand's overall growth and profitability.

Beyond the quantitative metrics, these results hold qualitative significance as well. The elevated ROAS signifies not just an increase in revenue but also an enhancement in brand perception and customer engagement. The fact that the advertising investment generated more than double the returns indicates a positive reception of Our Bralette Club's messaging and products in the market. It implies that the brand not only attracted new customers but also managed to foster loyalty and repeat business, crucial aspects for sustained success in the competitive fashion landscape.

In conclusion, the collaboration with KPI Media not only met but exceeded expectations, as evidenced by the remarkable results achieved. The ROAS of over 2.5 times and a CAC under $40 showcase the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in expanding Our Bralette Club's market presence while ensuring a prudent allocation of resources. This success story serves as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between strategic marketing initiatives and a brand's ability to connect with its audience, ultimately leading to tangible and sustainable business growth.



The testimonials from Our Bralette Club founder, Chow Li Ying, resonate with the positive impact of collaborating with KPI Media. Chow Li Ying expresses her admiration for the team's responsiveness and their ability to create easily understandable dashboards, even for those without prior advertising knowledge. The 24/7 accessibility of these dashboards facilitates continuous performance tracking, reflecting the seamless and effective nature of the partnership.

On the customer front, Our Bralette Club has garnered praise from both customers and partners alike. The commitment to inclusivity and the brand's influential role in promoting body positivity have left a lasting impression. Satisfied customers have come forward to share their testimonials, serving as a testament to Our Bralette Club's success in challenging conventional beauty norms. These testimonials highlight the brand's achievement in establishing a welcoming space where individuals of all body types not only find lingerie that suits their preferences but also feel acknowledged and celebrated. The positive feedback encapsulates the brand's overarching impact, showcasing its ability to resonate with its audience and fulfil a deeper need for representation and acceptance in the fashion industry.

Scaling Up Your Fashion Brand with KPI Media

The success realized through the collaboration with KPI Media serves as an inspiring blueprint for other niche fashion brands aspiring to scale up their operations. It underscores the significance of strategic initiatives, such as the integration of digital marketing tools, comprehensive audience research, and partnerships with experienced agencies. These elements collectively contribute to not only expanding market reach but also cultivating a profound connection with the target audience.

In essence, Our Bralette Club's journey provides valuable insights for the broader fashion industry. Moving beyond merely disrupting conventional beauty trends, the brand's collaboration with KPI Media exemplifies a dynamic response to the evolving landscape of fashion. By prioritizing inclusivity, adeptly employing digital strategies, and consistently refining approaches based on insights, brands can not only navigate but thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

Our Bralette Club stands as a powerful testament to the transformative potential inherent in challenging norms and embracing diversity. Its commitment to inclusivity not only addresses the evolving preferences of consumers but also contributes to fostering a more inclusive and body-positive fashion landscape. The brand's success story serves as a beacon for others, demonstrating that with strategic partnerships and a commitment to innovation, even niche fashion brands can carve a significant space for themselves in the industry. As fashion continues to evolve, Our Bralette Club's journey serves as a guiding narrative, illustrating the possibilities that emerge when brands actively embrace change and prioritize the diverse needs of their audience. Book a free growth consultation with our Chief Growth Officer now and embark on the path to heightened engagement and unparalleled success.Β If you are interested to read more testimonials you can check on our website.

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