>2.5X ROAS for less than $40 CAC

>2.5X ROAS for less than $40 CAC

Our Bralette Club (OBC) is a size inclusive lingerie brand with a huge focus on providing comfortable intimates to women of all sizes. After engaging KPI Media, we transformed their Search campaigns with personalised and hyper-targeted ad messaging. This helped us surpass Our Bralette Club’s target ROAS of 250%. This was done at a CAC of <$40.


Our Bralette Club is a size inclusive lingerie e-comm brand with a huge focus on providing comfortable intimates to women of all sizes.


Originally they were utilizing paid social ads to target relevant audiences. However, this became unsustainable and they were on the lookout for alternative distribution channels to further spread the word about the product. KPI media was able to help further scale the business by utilizing search engine marketing. being a google search partner we’re able to gain more reach towards a wider audience with the shopping campaigns.

Campaign Planning

Being a niche fashion company with tons of competitors in the region we hadto identify key personas to hyper-target instead of going broad and praying forsuccess. Through extensive primary and secondary research, we managed to narrowdown on specific audiences to focus on and we doubled down on that.

Once this initial planning was complete, we were ready for full-fledged campaign planning and started to look into the channels to run ads with.

Marketing Automation

We were fortunate as OBC  had a strong foundation for digital marketing, which meant we could easily integrate our MarTech into their overall stack.

One thing that was missing was our need for an automated reporting solution- as we needed to be very agile and make decisions like budget shifts very quickly.

MarTech Selected:

Reporting Automation - We built a real-time dashboard that includes all marketing KPIs and updates hourly. This was built using Supermetrics

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