100% more leads, 35% cheaper

100% more leads, 35% cheaper

My First Skool is the number 1 sought-after pre-school in Singapore, with a focus on providing a nurturing and enriching environment, My First Skool aims to foster the holistic development and learning of young children through a comprehensive curriculum and qualified educators.


My First Skool is a leading pre-school in Singapore, offering a wide range of early childhood education programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.


My First Skool, a prominent early childhood education provider in Singapore, operates across 150 locations islandwide. The company's target audience comprises families with young children, and their primary objective is to generate leads and connect with families seeking exceptional early childhood education opportunities. My First Skool approached our agency with the goal of increasing the number of leads generated through their digital advertising efforts.

Strategy & Approach

Upon evaluating My First Skool's current situation, we identified an issue with budget allocation to ineffective channels. Our strategy focused on maximizing lead generation by identifying the key channels and optimizing ad copies and creatives according to the latest advertising practices. Key elements of our approach included:

Launching PMAX campaigns: We recognized the untapped potential of PMAX campaigns and effectively utilized them to maximize reach and enhance lead performance. By optimizing creatives and targeting, we achieved a significant increase in leads and improved cost per lead (CPL) metrics.

Enhancing ad engagement: Personalization played a crucial role in connecting with the target audience. By using customized and personalized ad copies, we successfully resonated with families seeking early childhood education opportunities, resulting in increased ad engagement and higher click-through rates. We also focused on improving the quality score on Google Search, leading to higher ad rankings, reduced CPL, and increased ad visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). These optimizations contributed to a higher volume of website traffic and improved lead generation from SEM campaigns.

Creative best practices: Adhering to Meta best practices, optimizing ad headlines, and testing different offers allowed us to improve the overall effectiveness of the creatives. This approach ensured that the messaging aligned with the target audience's needs and preferences.

Results & Analysis

The strategic approach delivered impressive results for My First Skool, demonstrating sustained improvements in CPL over three consecutive quarters. Key outcomes include:

Doubled Unique Lead Volume: Through the strategic optimizations and targeted campaigns, the volume of unique leads doubled, indicating the success of our approach in attracting and engaging the target audience.

35% CPL Improvement: A significant accomplishment was the 35% reduction in CPL compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. This improvement highlighted the effectiveness of our strategy in optimizing budget allocation and generating more cost-efficient leads.

The analysis of the campaign's performance revealed that the implemented optimizations significantly contributed to the comprehensive and effective marketing outcomes achieved. By leveraging PMAX campaigns, enhancing ad engagement through personalization, and improving creative effectiveness, My First Skool experienced substantial growth in lead generation, reduced CPL, and improved marketing efficiency.

Our partnership with My First Skool exemplifies the power of strategic digital advertising in driving business objectives and connecting with the target audience effectively. Through continuous optimization and a data-driven approach, we successfully positioned My First Skool as a leading choice for families seeking exceptional early childhood education opportunities.

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