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Maximize Your PPC During the Holidays : 9 Secret Tips

Maximize Your PPC During the Holidays : 9 Secret Tips

Stella Gradiana
December 15, 2022

Christmas is approaching. After the pandemic, things changed. So does your marketing plan - it needs some adjustments. Based on interviews by Today's Big Read about the post-pandemic trends in Singapore, customers combine online and offline shopping. Here, PPC has its roles in each way. For offline, PPC can be useful for engagement before they come to the shops, while for online, PPC can help the conversions. Thus, here are 9 PPC tips you should consider to prepare for the holiday season.

1. Anticipate the Supply Chain Issues

Before you start planning for your campaign, you must learn the potential supply chain issue that might happen during the holiday season. As featured in The Strait Times, Singapore faced supply chain interruption due to a boom in demand last Christmas. There would be some delays in the production and deliveries, which means there is a threat that the ordered goods might arrive after Christmas. To anticipate this issue, do your inventory before starting the campaign.

2. Check your Historical Trends

As there might be changes in the audience behavior toward your brands after the pandemic, it would be better if you could analyze the month-to-month data of 2022 before comparing the performance of 2021. The impression share and keywords bid range will tell you much.

3. Research for Holiday-Specific Keywords

Try to research some keywords related to holidays; for example, instead of using many generic keywords like cookies, you can include Christmas cookies. It is also essential to be more selective in choosing the keywords. Some advertisers prefer low to mid-competition if they work with a limited budget. Some like to play with the high ones.

4. Stick with the FunnelΒ 

There would be a lot of impulsive buyers during the holiday seasons, but it does not mean you have to make a minimal effort. If you consider the funnelΒ  for your holiday campaign, it will surely increase your sales. Plan your PPC, and set up your Google Shopping Ads; then, you can retarget them with dynamic and display ads. Your audience will be more interested in the visuals as the holiday-themed goods are commonly limited or have some extras. It is a valid reason to invest not only in PPC.

‍5. Use the Assets (previously extension)

There are some assets provided by Google to support your PPC, such as promotions, site links, and prices. Although this feature needs some time to be approved by Google, it includes no extra cost. So, it is worth trying.

‍6. Make Sure Your Product Feeds Are Up to DateΒ 

You need to optimize your landing page as well. You can highlight some holiday promos and ensure that all the products on the website are still available or at least update the number of stocks. Let your audience know that you are serious about doing this campaign. Make sure to satisfy your customers.

‍7. Boost Your Budget

You will face enormous competition during the holiday season. The keywords will be more expensive than that during the shoulder season. On top of that, you might need to add more budget to add some extra campaign placement, such as display ads. Make sure that you prepare this in advance so that you can advertise during the whole holiday season.

‍8. Put Top-Performing Products In Their AdsΒ 

When you learn which your top-performing products are, consider creating particular ads for them. It will be easier for you to have more specific keywords for them. In other words, it will boost the relevance of your ads and improve impression share.Β 

‍9. Update Your Customer List

Prepare your list to do remarketing. You can start with those who visited your websites last year or this year's customers. Also, research some CRM tools to help you automate your work.

The demands are increasing during the holiday season. Thus, preparing all the ammunition to win the competition is essential. If you need any advice, KPI Media, a top-leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, is open for a free consultation.


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