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Top 5 B2B Lead Enrichment Software for Your Business in 2023

Top 5 B2B Lead Enrichment Software for Your Business in 2023

Stella Gradiana
February 9, 2023

B2B companies typically take longer to convert compared to B2C brands due to the additional factors involved in the conversion process, such as budget, decision-making authority, objectives, and timeline. Utilising an appropriate lead enrichment tool can greatly enhance your outbound marketing efforts.

What is Lead Enrichment Software?

Lead enrichment software are tools that help you gather your targets' data to personalise your approach. They can aid you in finding phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and company data of the personnel you plan to contact.

How to Choose The Right Lead Enrichment Software for Your Business?

Selecting an appropriate lead enrichment software for your business can be daunting. Here are some points you should consider in order to make an informed decision on choosing the right software for your business.

a. BudgetΒ 

Many lead enrichment software tools offer free versions, but these versions come with limitations such as a restricted number of contacts, limited company information searches, and limited CRM tool compatibility. To access more capabilities, it is necessary to subscribe to the professional plan, as is typical with most software, therefore it is wise to select a plan based on your designated budget.

b. Monthly Targets

Every software comes with a different number of contacts you can unlock. Make sure to choose a number higher than your monthly targets. For example, you have to get 20 leads (or sales) per month, select a software that unlocks 40 or 50 numbers each month. In brief, select one that aligns with your overall lead generation and sales targets.

c. Testimonials

Look for user testimonials from other digital marketers/sales that have used the tools. It can be someone you know or you can ask in some digital marketing communities. Other customers' testimonials will definitely help you to understand how the platform works, how their customer services handle issues or what downside the tools might have..

Once you consider all said factors, you should choose the lead-enrichment software that matches your objectives. Below are the top 5 lead enrichment software that we recommend for B2B businesses:

Top 5 Lead Enrichment software

1. ContactOut

ContactOut triumphed over its competitors due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. With its Google Extension, the tool can be used from a desktop or laptop, making it accessible and easy to use. Once installed, you simply need to visit your target's LinkedIn profile, and the ContactOut sidebar will display the necessary information. Additionally, ContactOut enables bulk contact searches via CSV, further enhancing its user-friendly features.

ContactOut has gained over 400K users from 500 companies. Currently, they're offering a 10% discount(valid until 4 October 2023), simply drop them an e-mail with the promo code KPIMEDIA2022 to redeem it. Their free version offers up to 40 e-mail addresses per month, while the upgraded version provides access to 1,800 email searches per year for just $29/month. Discover what sets them apart through the experiences of their satisfied users here.

2. Lusha

Lusha is comparable to ContactOut, extracting information from LinkedIn profiles. Both offer similar features, including a Chrome extension and the option for bulk searches. However, Lusha's capacity for capturing contacts is lower than ContactOut, with a free plan for five leads and a paid option for 480 contacts per year at a cost of $29/month. Despite this, one of Lusha's strengths is its ability to generate a list of prospects who are more likely to purchase your products.

Curious about users say about Lusha? Click here to find out more.

3. Clearbit

Clearbit collects and integrates data from multiple sources, processing and enriching it, and then making it accessible to businesses through its APIs and integrations. This helps businesses to make data-driven decisions about their audience and target them more effectively. Their free plan unlocks five e-mail addresses for you. However, should you need more, the upgraded plan starts at $99/month for 2,500 targets per year. Clearbit also has a Google extension available. Clearbit’s customer reviews can be found here.

4. Swordfish

Swordfish covers more social platforms compared to the others mentioned above. Besides LinkedIn, it gives you information from Meta, Twitter, Dribble, and other social media platforms. Swordfish allows you to search contacts by names, phone numbers, e-mails, social profiles, and addresses. For a seven-day free trial, you’ll be able to find up to 5 contacts. Their starter plan costs $99/month, which allows you to search for up to 100 contacts in a month. Bulk upload is workable as well on Swordfish.

5. Uplead

Uplead's lead enrichment tool operates differently compared to other similar solutions. To use the tool, users must upload a spreadsheet that includes first name, last name, and company name. Uplead will then search for the relevant contact information, social media profiles, and other relevant details. The free plan allows you to access up to five leads for seven days. If you need more leads, you can subscribe to the Essentials plan for $74/month, which allows you to access 2040 contacts in a year. Here’s what users have to say about them.

If you're a B2B business without a rich database, ContactOut, Lusha, and Swordfish are suitable options. On the other hand, if you have information on your potential customers, Uplead and Clearbit are more appropriate lead enrichment software choices. Overall, the choice of lead enrichment software depends on your current database and the information you need to gain insight into your prospects. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing data, there's a solution out there that can help you achieve your goals.

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